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Faith, Family and Farming


Fully Ready Farms aims to raise several poultry animals. Currently we have a colorful flock of laying hens and Cayuga ducks. Soon we will be adding pasture raised meat birds, Guinea, Chicken and Turkey. Contact the farm to order eggs or meat. Some meats are raised specially for the customer and must be ordered prior to raising. If you have a special request, contact the Farm for details.

* Also available are eggs for hatching and live chicks.


We strive to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs each season. We use natural methods that help grow good produce and create healthy soil at the same time. Chemical fertilizers are avoided and heirloom plants are used when possible. Our goal is sustainable gardening that offers healthier produce.

* We may have a surplus of our seedlings, check with the farm to see what is currently available.

Micro greens

Fully Ready Farms grows highly nutritious micro greens. These vegetables offer a power packed service of nutrients that can not be beat. Our micro greens are grown until the first set of true leaves and sold at the peak of freshness. These make a great addition to any healthy meal to create a well balanced diet. Our micro greens come in 2 sizes, small and large.

*Special orders of full tray sizes available. Contact the farm for pricing.

“I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.”

George Washington

Latest from the Farm

Life on a hill

There’s always something going on at Fully Ready Farm. Yesterday and today we have been dealing with rain. Normally a farm is OK with rain, it helps the crops grow, it’s necessary to replenish the land. These are good things and I am grateful for that. But constant rain can bring its own trouble too.Continue reading “Life on a hill”

Newest Additions

Here on the farm we are growing quickly. It seems like something new is happening each week. And so…what happened late this summer was unexpected. In July we ordered 10 new Cayuga ducklings to be delivered early in August. Something happened at the hatchery and they did not ship out our order the week thatContinue reading “Newest Additions”

Fully Ready Farms

Martinsville, Indiana